Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 2, 2015

Greetings from the snowy north! Today we woke up to the first real snowfall of the season!! Time to break out winter stuff - again.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween!! We ended up having clear weather for it. So, for missionaries we have an early curfew that night at 6pm. We spent the day walking to contact people, and ended up misjudging the amount of time it would take to get home. It was getting late, and we really needed to get in, but were on the complete opposite side of our area. My companion and I prayed really hard (mostly because we were exhausted) and bam! answer to prayer came in the form of a member sister as she came around the corner with her group of trick-or-treaters! She offered to give us a ride home - which was a huge tender mercy for our sore feet and allowed us to make it home in time. Members - be aware sometimes you are an answer to a missionary's prayers when you give them a ride, come to a lesson, or just feed them a last minute meal. :) We ended up spending the rest of the evening hanging out (too bad movies aren't allowed!) My companion accidentally ate a super spicy pepper at supper, and we proceeded to spend an hour laughing at her painful experience. We just moved to a new apartment, and hadn't gone grocery shopping yet, so that meant NO bread or milk to stop the burning. It ended up being pretty funny. :)

Happy Halloween!
Oh, and happy Daylight Savings! Happy because it felt like we got that much-needed extra hour of sleep - a rare and tender mercy as a missionary. :)

SO, this past week was another transfer week. I got to say goodbye to Prairie winds after our long summer together, and got moved to Calgary South Stake. But with the added surprise of whitewashing (or as we call it, purging) into the new area! That means both my companion Sister Page and I are brand new, so we don't know anything or anyone! PLUS we cover 2 huge wards! So yeah, huge new challenge for both of us, a little scary, very stressful. Prayers please. :)

Me and Sister Page

I love you all!!

Sister Patterson