Monday, April 11, 2016

April 4, 2016

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a great week!

I had exchanges with our sister training leaders this week - which is always an adventure. It's funny the kind of people you meet out on the street or just knocking on doors. Truly there are situations that seem sketchy or questionable that turn out to be a great and/or memorable experience.... For example, spontaneously getting to teach the Word of Wisdom to a group of individuals with evident substance addiction, and being surprised by positive responses.

Things have been a little slow - it seems like all of Calgary has been taken with a killer cold, even missionaries. I think the Lord is teaching us patience and humility. ;)

There's a baptism coming up for this investigator Atoye and her son. They are from Ethiopia, and have been meeting with the missionaries for a couple of years. But with immigration logistics it's taken this long to get it all worked out so they can be baptized! Super excited for them :)

Can I just say how much I love President and Sister Miles - they are so so so wonderful!! We got to see them this weekend for a zone lunch; it's always fun to see them. :)

Actually, this zone's been a bit different. For one, I'm the second oldest missionary, with my companion being the oldest (and she goes home in 2 1/2 weeks). We keep feeling like everyone is so "young". :)

The highlight of the week was definitely General Conference; there was such an outpouring of the Spirit. For me, the dominant theme seemed to be to draw nearer to Christ and to just keep trying. I loved Elder Holland's comment about how the Lord will bless us when we even try. To never give up is one of the Savior’s greatest characteristics.  In His hour of greatest need Heavenly Father withdrew His Spirit from Him and He was left to ‘tread the wine press alone’.  How easy would it have been to quit?  Because of His love for all mankind he pressed forward, completing the Father’s will.

I hope you each know how much the Lord loves you, and that he loves you just the way you are. His greatest desire is for all of His children to become like Him and to inherit all that He has.  He will never leave your side but will stretch your faith, courage, and determination to follow Him.  Don’t ever give up on anything that is truly worthwhile. He will never, ever, give up on you.

As always, I love you all!

Lots of Love,
Sister Patterson