Monday, June 22, 2015

May 19, 2015

Hey ya'll, sorry it's been a while, it's been crazy busy.

The transfer is coming to a close, and I can't believe how quickly its gone by! My 12 weeks as a greenie are just about done, but to be honest, I still feel like there's a ton left to learn.

We have been keeping busy in a variety of ways. For one, spring has finally come (although this past weekend was stormy/snowy/icy), so it's been a great opportunity to help both members and non-members with service (yard work, moving, etc). Our zone pulled together to help move an elderly lady (not a member) to a new apartment, and it proved to be a LOT of hard work. But it was totally worth it to build that relationship of a positive view of the church. Hopefully in months to come missionaries will be able to go back and teach her the gospel. :)

We've been able to make a lot of progress with getting in to teach less actives in the ward, and it's been amazing to watch as we teach and extend invitations, and as they follow through on their commitments, that there is an immediate change in their lives; the spirit is stronger and the blessings seem to pour from heaven as they start making those changes necessary to be more aligned with the gospel. Heavenly Father truly does bless us the very moment we start to change and turn to Him. As we are patient with ourselves and persistent in our efforts, we will notice our lives filling with light and clarity, with strength and peace to continue on. Our bishop has extended to the ward an invitation of one way in which we can experience these blessings: begin daily scripture study with prayer, and read with a question in mind. I would like to invite you all to do the same. I can promise as you make a consistent effort, you will be blessed with the answers you seek. Starting with prayer is like opening a window for revelation to more easily enter, and lets our Father in Heaven know that we are ready and willing to listen and learn. As we pray we talk to him, but it is as we search the scriptures, that He talks to us. I can promise that this invitation is a simple but effective way to find greater spiritual guidance for our lives, and that when we make our best effort to search, ponder and pray, we will be blessed with answers.

I love you all,
Sister Patterson

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