Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

Greetings from Calgary

Hey! Hope you're having a great week! We had transfers this week, but luckily it didn't affect me this time. Still in the East for a while yet. Our mission was able to reach a goal of having at least 50 investigator's on date for the month of September, which is awesome! The work is rolling forward more than ever. :) My favorite thing about this area is how often people just walk into church off the street and we get to teach them. We had two this past Sunday! :)

We got to watch the Women's Conference, which was great. :) But I am super excited for General Conference this weekend!! I hope you will take the time to enjoy it and find the direction and inspiration you are looking for. Listen for the message the Lord has for you.  As you listen with a prayer in your heart the Lord will tell you what you need to hear. Then, have the courage and faith to act on your feelings! The voice will be still and small; He will speak to your mind and heart and tell you ‘all things which you should do’. What a blessing and privilege to be living on the earth with the Lord’s prophets and apostles to lead and guide us. I know that they are men called by God, given priesthood authority to direct the people. I know that the Lord operates in inspired patterns, including that of calling new men to the apostleship. Please know that his weekend is a manifestation of God’s love for us by allowing us to hear his prophet's voices.

I love you all!
Sister Patterson

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