Monday, August 15, 2016

August 8, 2016

Well, this week has been full of high's and low's. To be honest, the start of the week kinda felt like all of the missionaries in Airdrie were in a kind of slump, what with canceled appointments and poor weather. As a missionary, when day's are slow, it's hard to feel like you're doing anyone any good. But gradually it's improved, and boy did we see miracles! Member's are opening more and more to us, and actively thinking about people they can share the gospel with.
We had exchanges with our sister training leaders this week too, always an adventure. I ended up staying in my area with the other sister for the day, and it finally got warm and sunny again, so we spent the day pounding the pavement talking with as many people as we saw. The coolest though, was in one day we got to give away multiple Books of Mormon, and share many lessons just on the street. The Lord was putting people in our path. But sometimes, he also puts us in other's paths. At one point, we accidentally thought we were running late, and so walked in a particular direction much sooner then expected, only to find a man who was not only receptive, but invited us back to teach more! Or at another point, we had planned to contact some certain individuals downtown, only to find no one was home. So, again, we started walking back the way we came sooner then expected. But finally we prayed to be led to someone who would listen. We turned down an alley and saw a young lady get into her car, curl up in the seat, and bawl. We approached to ask what was wrong, and found her obviously upset with something. As we stood in the open doorway of the car we felt impressed to share with her the New Testament story of Peter walking on water. We testified that the Savior not only knew her individually, but loved her and is there with her. By the end she was visibly calmer and had felt the Spirit, and accepted the invitation to learn more. So looking back, for once it was a tender mercy that no one answered their doors, because it meant we were in the right place at the right time to let this girl know she was loved and not forgotten in a moment when she needed it most.

It occurred to me though how that story of Peter applies to us all; there are times when we feel like we're doing great, walking on water, going strong, until we take our eyes and focus off Jesus Christ, and start seeing all the storms around us, until we feel overwhelmed and begin to sink into our own doubts/fears. But the Savior is right there at our side, we just have to reach out to him in faith, and he will lift us to safety...

Anyway, it's been an interesting week. We've just had to laugh at some of the ridiculous situations we find ourselves in, at all the awkward moments we experience day to day - seriously though, they should warn us about the awkward when we get our call letters :) In the mean time, we keep pressing forward :)

lots of love,
Sister Patterson

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