Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 24, 2015

So, it's been a long week.  The stomach flu has been getting passed around, and it turns out we aren't immune, so we had to take it easy for a few days. But we are feeling much better now.

We had a fantastic Zone Conference on Wednesday, and I'm liking our new President and his wife more and more. Things seem to be picking up for the mission, especially because of walk-and-talk August. Miracles have come rolling in as people see us on the streets and stop to talk to us. We picked up two new investigators this week from it! Hooray for street contacting! For one of them, we were walking to an appointment and saw a lady sitting on a front step. We went up and talked to her, and were surprised when she responded that yeah, she would like to introduce her grandchildren to a church and wanted to come to ours. I was blown away because that kind of response almost never happens, but when it does, I can't help but look heavenward and thank Heavenly Father for yet another tender mercy and miracle.

Oh, and guess what?! As of tomorrow I will have officially been in Canada for 6 months!!!!!! 1/3 of the way there!!! I have no idea how that happened, it's totally flown by. Still feels like it's only been a couple of months... Strange to think I come home in one year. It seems like not that long, but at the same time, an eternity.

My greenie and I were talking about how every missionary has a "light switch," something that gets us excited to talk/teach/work. As she is working to figure out her own, I've been thinking a lot about mine. It's hard to put it into words, but I'd say my own spark has become the reason why I am still out here -- it's when you're talking to people and you can see it on their face when it finally clicks, when they finally see how the big picture works together and they recognize through the Spirit that it's all true, it's real. Their countenance changes, a light creeps in their eyes, and a smile of excitement fills their face. They are filled with hope and joy in finally knowing for themselves.

I love it out here, meeting new people and planting or harvesting gospel seeds. It's not until I've gotten a new sister's perspective to contrast my own that I've realized how much has changed in the last six months, and how much I love being a servant of the Lord. It is so ridiculously hard, and there are days that drag by, but it is totally 100% worth it.

As always, I love you all!!

Sister Patterson

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